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value engineering alternatives

We are especially proud of our ability to provide value engineering alternatives due to our innovative design and vision. The design team utilizes the latest CAD software designs which are developed to prefabricate and ship sub-assemblies from our shop to incorporate all of the design concepts into a fully integrated system including any budget restrictions.
value engineering alternatives
The team provides comprehensive construction schedules, innovative design ideas and prospects, project management, and in-house system commissioning. This allows us to perform efficiently and better manage the evolution of more complex and sophisticated systems within the industry. Urban Mechanical then provides the developer/contractor with the necessary operational staff, proper start-up training, and maintains technical support.
It is our firm commitment by maintaining the highest quality of worksmanship, attracting, developing and retaining the best people, Urban ensures it will excel in its field thereby satisfying and exceeding customer expectations.
Urban believes the key component to attaining a successful and optimal design on projects is the seamless communication between all of the consultants and contractors. Highly skilled in house professionals such as engineers, designers and CAD specialists work together to provide harmonization of design concepts as well as maintaining control of costs.


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